Zen Strategy China

The ZEN team

This elite, yet friendly, small team of professionals have mastered the art of connecting Chinese and English markets through content that both preserves and enhances the original meaning of cross-cultural messages.

Melba – Founder

MA in Cross-Cultural Communication
& International Management

Business experience in China, UK, and the US

 Extensive experience with big multinationals and SMEs

“My career and academic life have always been focused around cultural differences. We are often at a loss as to how cultural differences translate into business context and branding issues. Our small team is dedicated to solving this issue.

I’m so happy to have good friends of mine as colleagues. Together, with all the other team members, we are able to help our clients set up brilliant branding messages for China.”

Josh – Senior English Copywriter

• 10+ years in copywriting, marketing, sales, and advertising

• Worked with numerous national and international agencies

• Experienced in practically every industry and target audience

“Early on in my career, I quickly learned it’s not just about conveying a message — it’s about doing so in a way that truly connects with the audience on both an emotional and intellectual level. It’s about inspiring a vision that leads to action, and that’s the impact ZEN Strategy was founded to achieve. I’m proud to be part of such a focused and perceptive team.”

Manson – Senior Chinese Copywriter

8 years in creative direction and advertising copywriting

6 years in 4A agencies, including McCann and Ogilvy

“Years of experience in 4A agencies certainly taught me to always be ‘politically correct’. There’s always a part of me that wanted to jump out and create branding messages with real impact that can simply ‘click’ with the target audience.

In ZEN Strategy, we can achieve this. We always think about impact, practicality, and suitability; not just about winning any creative awards.”

Simon – Senior Designer

8 years in graphic design and creative direction

3 years in 4A agencies, including McCann

“My general style is to keep things simple and practical. I tend not to go for bold or seemingly creative designs that are not relevant to the marketing or branding purposes we have at hand.

I enjoy the great chemistry among the team members, and can always take a lot of inspiration from the good times that we spend together.”

Jenny – Account Lead

10 years in project management and quality control

“In the world of branding, everything seems abstract. As the account and project lead, I bring something unique into the project management process — combing the science of QA with the art of what we do– be it copywriting, translation, design, or market search.

I work with my team to make sure that we give all our clients and projects the dedication and quality work they certainly deserve.”